Japanese Shop Staff Wears Smiling Masks to Look Friendly

Japanese Shop Staff Wears Smiling Masks to Look Friendly

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In either the friendliest or quite possibly the creepiest turn of events, Japanese discount store Takeya has come up with an interesting solution to a problem that has come to life in the COVID-19 era.

If you're, hopefully, a regular mask-wearer, you've probably experienced the awkward silences that come with it, for example, having a staring contest with someone while not realizing that you can't see each other's smiling faces.

In a time where a friendly face is most welcomed, the store has launched the "Smile Campaign", aiming to make their employees look more welcoming and friendly.

The campaign is simple: Every staff member, even the usually grumpy ones, wear a mask with a printed human smile on it.


The "Smile Campaign" was made public by the store on Twitter, showing staff members smiling from ear to ear.

The store wrote, "Since the pandemic has normalized wearing masks, we’re launching a ‘Smile Campaign’ to show how we would still like to bring you our smiles through a mask," according to Bored Panda's translation.

The face mask they wear comes in both genders and they look incredibly realistic which is definitely the funniest and also the creepiest thing about them.

The smiles really do look like they belong to the person wearing them, giving them a nightmarish/dreamish feel.

The unique campaign has made it to the news, so don't get surprised if your favorite shop starts doing the same thing.

You can watch this clip to see more of the staff's beautiful smiles. The video will either leave you smiling from ear to ear or just a tiny bit crept out, there is no middle line.

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