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US Navy's Possibly Smallest Ship Is as Long as a Ford F-150

US Navy's Possibly Smallest Ship Is as Long as a Ford F-150

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When it comes to war machines, it is generally believed that size matters for all the intimidating reasons. However, as seen from the above picture, not all Navy ships are created equal as a little tugboat that has popped up on Reddit earlier this week has established.

As you'd imagine, its job is not to intimidate for sure, rather, the possibly smallest ship in the U.S. Navy is used to deployed underwater fences. A cute job for an even cuter vehicle indeed.


The boat first gathered netizens' attention when it was posted by a Redditor two days ago.

The boat is just 19 feet long and is actually a "Boomin Beaver" security tug. According to Popular Mechanics, it was actually built to herd logs in waterways. Now, however, it is an all-purpose vessel that is used to tow small ships and deploy floating security fences.

The tugboat was originally built for loggers by Chuck's Boat and Drive in Longview, Washington. However; their story would continue in the U.S. Navy after the government purchased scores of them to carry out harbor duties.

As always, one expert-Redditor was able to chip in and identify this one, saying it was operating out of Point Loma Sub Base in California.

The Redditor explained, "It’s a security tug. Those protective barriers surrounding the water portion of the navy base don’t move themselves. It’s the equivalent of opening the gate for cattle to go in and out. Unlock it, unlatch it, swing it open, and close it when the ship has passed."

Would you look at that! This adorable teeny-tiny tugboat is basically a shepherd's dog!

Here is a fun fact: Back in 2006, one of these tiny boats was up for government auction with the listing describing the boat as 19 feet (5.7 meters) long and 10 feet (3 meters) wide. It had a Cummins 6BTA5.9 diesel engine rated at 260 hp with ZF marine transmission. A whopping $100,025 was bid on the tiny boat; however, we can't really blame the bidder since this is one hell of a cute boat!

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