19 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

19 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is coming, which is the best day to offer your thanks to the most precious woman in your life. Choosing a gift for tech-guru mothers might be a little difficult, and you may be wondering how to appropriately say "thank you" to the woman who gave you life.

If you are tired of buying cliché gifts, smart technology products will make your mother's life easier, and she will be grateful to have you.

Spending hours browsing at shops will lead to a stressful experience for everyone. Our list is full of tech gadgets that will make her even more connected with the world, and these gadgets are perfect even for your tech-enthusiast grandmother.


1. Fitness Tracker

Your mom will be able to keep fit by tracking her heart rate and all-day activities, from sleep duration to calories burned.

She can also receive calls, social media messages, and calendar notifications on her wrist. She will definitely love this!

2. Digital Picture Frame

Celebrate the best moments of your life with this digital picture frame from Feelcare. If there are miles between you and your mother, send pictures or short videos directly to the photo frame from anywhere in the world.

Your mom can enjoy your beautiful memories just in seconds.

3. Charging Station

It can be sometimes difficult to get in touch with your mom. Her phone might be running out of charge or they might see the messages you send after 5 hours. If that's the case for your mom, a charging station might be the best gift to buy on Mother's Day.

She can charge her iPhone, AirPods, and iWatch simultaneously, so she will not miss any messages you send.

4. Ceramic Heater

A gift to keep your mother warm in the coldest days. Ceramic heaters offer a simple way to add warmth to any room since they're portable and lightweight.

This product will help increase comfort and heating without using a thermostat for the whole house.

5. Magnetic Tablet Holder

The best gift for mothers who want to follow YouTube recipes easily or watch their favorite series while cooking!

The magnetic tablet holder offers a hands-free experience for entertainment and more productivity while working on your tasks. It's also adjustable to eye level and provides better posture.

6. Mobile Printer

What about buying a mobile printer to print your beautiful memories together? If you are looking for an affordable but high-quality gift, take a look at this mobile printer that you can print your photos with, with a single touch.

You can easily add a frame around your photos, and apply filters while printing them.

7. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If your mom likes to enjoy and relax anywhere anytime, a Bluetooth shower speaker will allow her to sing her songs freely even in the shower.

It's water-resistant, and she can enjoy this speaker for up to 10 hours.

8. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

If your mom needs some time away from the chaos of the world, noise-canceling headphones would be an excellent present.

It blocks the disruptive sounds with the advanced noise cancellation feature. Moreover, she can control the music thanks to Alexa.

9. Home Automation Hub

Since your mother deserves the best of everything, why not gift her a house helper? This automation hub wirelessly connects to smart devices and automatically turn them on or off.

From lights and switches to cameras and sensors, it's compatible with almost all devices. When there's unexpected activity around your home, you'll receive notifications from this smart hub.

10. Instant Pot

If your mother is the queen of the kitchen, America's most loved smart pot is the best kitchen appliance for her. It's a 7-in-1 device that combines a slow cooker and a pressure cooker.

In less time with less mess, you can prepare dishes 2-3 times faster. From beans to meats, you'll stop the dilemma of "What's for dinner?".

11. Electric Face Brush

Moms are always beautiful, but you can still give her a gift that will make her even more beautiful.

This electric face brush cleans the skin gently and gets deep into the pores to absorb dirt. You can adjust the brush head according to the skin type, and massage or clean your face deeply.

12. Smart Air Purifier

A relaxing atmosphere may be all your mother needs, especially during these quarantine days.

Especially those who are allergic to dust mites and have seasonal allergies benefit from using the RENPHO air purifier. If that's the case for your mom, you should definitely consider this product as a gift on Mother's Day.

13. Smart Baby Monitor

Multitasker moms will no longer worry about their babies thanks to this smart baby monitor. If you recently had a brother or a sister, why not consider this product?

She can place the camera anywhere to get the best view.

14. Personal Security Alarm

It's a common thing that moms get concerned when their children are away from home. How about their safety, though? This product is an affordable solution for moms who are always on-the-go.

It’s the perfect companion for all activities, including walking, hiking, camping, field trips, running, night out, and more, and generates 130 decibels of siren sound to attract attention and get rid of unwanted situations.

15. Portable Karaoke Microphone

Take your mother's performance to the next level and give her a karaoke microphone, if she loves to give a concert at home. The microphone is not too heavy, so you can take it anywhere you go, and perform for hours.

It connects via Bluetooth, so you can connect it to your phone or computer to play your favorite songs.

16. AirPods Silicone Case

Treat your mom with a chic and affordable gift. While your mom is so special for you, you can also make her AirPods special - and unique - for her.

Ending the "Which one is yours?" problem, these silicone AirPods cases will protect your AirPods from breaking, falling, and any damage.

17. Handbag/Purse Light

You might think it is easy to search for a lip gloss in a huge handbag, and yet, it is not. The solution is simple: a handbag/purse light.

A savior for women who spend a significant part of their life searching for things in their bags. Now, your mom can find everything she's looking for with this product. The light is also activated by moving your hand.

18. Tile Mate

Mothers remember everything, but who doesn't forget some little things? Give her a Tile Mate and help her save time.

She could tape the Tile on her keys, place it in her pocket, or whatever she would fear to miss. She just needs to activate the Tile app on her phone to find the lost items, just in seconds.

19. Mini Steam Iron

Ironing is the housework that everyone hates most, but there is a way to make it easier. This might be the tiniest steam iron in the world with a strong ability to fix smooth creases and remove wrinkles.

It's also perfect for travel thanks to its compact lightweight design.

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