Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing amid Highway Traffic, Drivers Keep Tailgating

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing amid Highway Traffic, Drivers Keep Tailgating

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Here is something that you don't expect to see outside of action movies: A small plane caused quite a stir this Thursday morning when it landed on a highway near Quebec City.

The dashcam footage of a vehicle on Highway 40 shows the Piper PA-28 Cherokee descending between cars and overhead signs and landing in the center of the westbound lanes around 10:30 a.m.

A Piper PA-28 Cherokee landed safely this morning on Hwy 40 just south of Québec City Int’l Airport. A suspected mechanical issue caused the pilot to perform this forced landing. No injuries reported.

— Tom Podolec Aviation (@TomPodolec) April 16, 2020

Upon touch-down, everyone continues driving, and the hatchback directly behind it can be seen tailgating the aircraft.


Landed due to mechanical problem

After calling the Quebec City fire department to ask for permission to land on the highway, the pilot made the swift landing which shows masterful piloting skills. The highway is just a few kilometers south of the Jean-Lesage International Airport.

According to the Quebec provincial police, a mechanical problem had forced the pilot to make the emergency landing, the CBC reports.

No injuries reported

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident.

Moreover, the traffic was halted for only less than an hour during which the firefighters and police officers escorted the plane off the highway to a nearby parking lot.

This is the second time a small plane has made its merry way in Canadian highway traffic. Previously, a plane overshot a runway at Markham's Buttonville Airport near Toronto in March 2019, and barely missed a few lucky cars by rolling across the highway.

Still, the footage is astonishing since everybody just continues with their journey as if it happens every day in Canada. And it comes as proof that people will tailgate anything and everything, without exception.

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