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Out-of-Control Nissan Truck Smashes into Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot

Out-of-Control Nissan Truck Smashes into Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot

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Driving in the rain can be tricky. Go a little too fast and you might just lose control. This may be what happened to a Nissan truck that was caught in a Teslacam video hydroplaning across an expressway and hitting a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot.

The video was posted on YouTube by Troy Davis. Davis mentioned that Autopilot was active at the time


Mashing the brakes

"As soon as I saw the truck coming at me I mashed the brakes. I'm not sure if the car or I reacted first," wrote on the video Davis. Either way, this clearly wasn't one of the incidents where Autopilot is to blame.

The clip received several comments to which Davis replied. The first was regarding whether or not the driver of the Nissan Truck was ever caught.

"You mentioned on a comment that this was a hit-and-run.Did they ever catch the other driver?" Canal Tesla Brasil wrote.

Davis replied that the driver was not caught. Another commenter speculated about Autopilot's role in the incident.

"Troy, it appears that AutoPilot steered away to the leftmost edge of the current lane that you were traveling in when the truck approached your lane. Then, it appears that there was a secondary action to leave your current lane and into the left shoulder. Can you confirm if this secondary action into the left shoulder was your own manual action and not the action of AutoPilot? Thank you," wrote Jeffrey Yeung.

Davis replied: "Jeffrey, as soon as I recognized there was an issue, which was pretty fast, I mashed the brakes. That would disengage autopilot. I already had a hand on the wheel and was looking for an out. I tried to get around on the left shoulder slope to the median but there was really no escape."

So there you go folks. Either Autopilot saved the day or Davis' good instincts did. Whatever the case, we are just happy to see that everyone involved in the incident is safe and sound.

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