Harley-Davidson May Unveil Two New Motorbikes, as per a Leaked Investor Presentation

Harley-Davidson May Unveil Two New Motorbikes, as per a Leaked Investor Presentation

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Harley-Davidson's iconic name has been around for a while, and it seems the motorcycle brand may be shaking things up with its upcoming generation of bikes. The brand does its best to keep with the times, yet still manages to hold on to its classic style nonetheless.

Now, there are whispers that Harley-Davidson may be revealing two new motorbikes if trusting leaked documents from a recent investors' meeting is anything to go by.

The news was first shared by CNET's Road Show website.


The rumored two new bikes

The first of the two new Harley-Davidson motorbikes seems to take its cue from the company's XR1200 racer, according to Road Show.

The second bike is more closely linked to the company's typical 1980s sports ride, without standing out exceptionally, especially given the company's upcoming Pan America and Bronx bikes. Nevertheless, the second bike still seems to be well packaged sporting a Revolution Max V-Twin engine in shades of bronze.

As the details are based on leaked documents, there's limited information to disclose. However, it would be exciting news to see two more Harley-Davidsons hit the roads.

There's also no confirmation that these bikes will be made, let alone put up for sale, at all.

Given the current global situation with many factories around the world either shutting down temporarily or restructuring to create necessary medical equipment during the coronavirus outbreak, there's no guarantee these motorcycles will see the light of day.

However, if they do, we could hope to see them in the upcoming couple of years, and what a great day that will be for motorbike enthusiasts, and Harley-Davidson fans around the world.

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