Rare Medical Condition Makes Woman Orgasm 11 Times a Day

Rare Medical Condition Makes Woman Orgasm 11 Times a Day

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People hear orgasm, and they tend to think it’s a good thing. However, this South Yorkshire woman, who has 11 orgasms a day, says it might sound like a dream, but in reality, it is far from being pleasurable.

Lorna Harrison, 51, has a condition called persistent genital arousal disorder. This condition causes her to encounter painful arousal episodes, where she feels a painful throbbing in her vagina. This can only be reduced by an orgasm or by waiting for the arousal to pass. The episodes can last from hours to days.

From driving over a speed bump to cleaning around the house, the smallest things can set her off, and send her into a frenzy.


Yes, persistent genital arousal disorder is a real thing. For the longest time, women were told it was just in their heads; however, new studies revealed that it might be caused by nerve damage to the spine. Researchers found a link between PGAD and damaged nerves in the spine that results in the sensation of arousal in the human body. The sufferer doesn't need stimulation or sexual arousal to experience these episodes. And no, they aren't nymphomaniacs.

Harrison was diagnosed with it after she drove over a speed bump in 2019 which caused complications in her vagina. Recalling her experience with the speed bump, she said, “I felt a pounding and bulging sensation below. It was lucky I didn’t crash as I was losing control of my body.”

After experiencing the episodes again, Harrison consulted her doctor. Epilepsy treatment was prescribed to reduce the length of the attacks and ease nerve pain. She talked about her condition by saying, “It sounds a good condition to have but it is uncomfortable, exhausting, and happens anywhere at any time.”

“Once in a supermarket, I had to grab shelves for support. People looked at me strangely. Another time my friend mentioned my boyfriend. I began panicking. I’d already started orgasming and so I ran inside a shop.”

The fact that she has orgasms just from hearing her partner’s name (precious-funny, but precious) has caused some casualties in their sex life too. “Henry found it funny at first, but now we can’t kiss passionately as it sets me off. He counts down from three then says: ‘There she blows!’"

While the condition is extremely rare, it causes extreme discomfort to those who experience it. There have already been two reported cases of suicide among women who suffer from it.

Amanda McLaughlin, another woman who has the disorder, summarizes it in a few words, “You say arousal and it sounds like it’s a fun thing to have. I get people saying ‘oh I wish my wife had that’ and thinking it’s a joke. But would they want to have a raging boner 24/7? I don’t think so.”

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