13 Screwdriver Sets Your Toolbox Needs This Spring

13 Screwdriver Sets Your Toolbox Needs This Spring

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From fixing broken electronic devices to repairing your old bicycle, screwdrivers handle your daily household tasks. It's almost impossible to think of a toolbox without a screwdriver since not having one can be a major setback on your tasks. Can you imagine the impact of having a set of high-quality ones?

DIY enthusiasts and home investors need different sizes and types of tools. When you have a screwdriver set, you can easily deal with all the tasks at your house and garage, or get your small cabinet making projects done.



First, you need to decide on the task you want to do. There is a wide range of screwdriver sets, so you should think about your needs.

When you're looking for the perfect set for your projects, you should consider:

  • Size,
  • Type,
  • Price,
  • Blades and Handles.

We've compiled a list of high-quality screwdriver sets that are worth the price and serve lifetime performance.

1. Williams 100P-19MD Premium Mixed Screwdriver Set

For those who are looking for a set of high-quality screwdrivers, Williams Screwdriver Set comes with good grip features. You won't feel any ache on your wrist thanks to the ergonomically designed handles. Users especially like its particular shape since it feels "right" in the hand.

They're also the best for "sweaty" jobs since they don't slip even with oily hands. This makes Williams Screwdrivers very safe to use.

2. Craftsman 9-31794

If you're the one who is responsible for the household tasks, the Craftsman screwdriver set is the right starter pack with its 16 different screwdrivers and a keychain. These 17 pieces come in different sizes to handle many standard jobs.

Craftsman Screwdrivers set has been the favorite for many people for over 30 years. They're durable and safe to use. This minimizes the risk of accidents.

3. Jakemy Screwdriver Set

This one's ergonomically designed non-slip handle provides a great and easy experience during garage jobs. Jakemy Screwdriver set is the best option for those who work with sensitive electronic devices.

This one is a 99 in 1 full set. Although the set looks daunting, it's easy to use and might be a lifesaver for many craftsmen.

Moreover, the handle is made of non-slip material, and it minimizes any discomfort on the wrist.

4. GearWrench 80066 Dual Kit

Take advantage of having a GearWrench screwdriver kit, because it offers speed, high-performance, and better access with the least amount of effort. This kit comes with 22 different screwdrivers, and a storage case to hold all the pieces while working.

The handles allow you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. Moreover, the screwdrivers have a black oxide non-slip tip.

5. Klein Tools 85078 Set

If you want a durable screwdriver set, this one is a game-changer. Klein Tools set is an excellent tool to get the job done. Although they're more expensive than the other sets, their performance justifies the price.

Here is a detailed review of Klein Tools screwdrivers:

Their handles are color-coded which makes identifying them easier.

Klein Tools provides a lifetime guarantee which means that the screwdrivers won't leave your hands for a long time.

6. Felo 0715761391 Ergonomic Screwdriver Set

This is an affordable 17-piece screwdriver set for those who trust German quality. Its modern design truly does stand out. You can use it for high torque applications.

These have elastic handles and provide a very comfortable grip.

7. PB Swiss Tools PB 8440

Adding color to anything can change everything. These are color-coded which makes them very easy to differentiate.

They provide a firm grip even for wet and oily hands. Moreover, they come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

8. Wera Kraftform Plus 334/6 Screwdriver Set

Do you want your toolbox to have a distinctive look? Wera Kraftform set will definitely set you apart from the others. It has high gripping zones for high working speeds with less effort, and the Laser Tip prevents slipping.

It's designed to match the shape of the human hand. It will get your job done without you worrying about injuries. It's made of durable materials that ensure performance even under great forces.

9. Performance Tool W1727

If you repeatedly find yourself repairing your child's bicycle or changing the batteries of their toys, Performance Tool screwdrivers are the ideal ones. They might not be suitable for professionals, but you can use them for all your household and auto tasks.

The set includes smaller screwdrivers for dealing with small electronic devices. The screwdrivers are very good for the set's price and offer good performance.

10. Craftsman Extreme Grip 6-piece Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

They might look like ordinary screwdrivers; however, they offer gripping power that is up to four times their competitors. This Craftsman set includes screwdrivers that are the perfect size for every occasion.

They're designed for comfort, and they prevent aches on hands.

11. Stanley FMHT62052

This Stanley set is perfect for those who are looking for inexpensive screwdrivers. It's rated 5 stars by Amazon users. As one Amazon user says the handles are "comfortable, and tips are solid and reliable."

They have a sleek look and the black phosphate bars protect them from corrosions.

12. RDEER 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set

This one is for the electricians who should protect themselves from the currents. If you're working as an electrician or you just like meddling with electronics, RDDER is the best option.

13. Channellock SD-7CB Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Channellock's handle design is smaller and has a larger radius for a tight and strong grip. It's made of a metal alloy that has a rough surface finish which makes for a good grip.

This pocket tool is used by technicians all around for daily tasks.

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