Elon Musk Just Dropped a New EDM Song on SoundCloud: Don't Doubt Ur Vibe

Elon Musk Just Dropped a New EDM Song on SoundCloud: Don't Doubt Ur Vibe

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Thanks to Elon Musk you'll be grooving your way into the weekend. Tesla and CyberX's CEO has added yet another layer to his list of many talents: making music.

That's right, Musk has made an electronic dance music (EDM) track called "Don't Doubt ur Vibe" and has shared it on SoundCloud under his record label: Emo G (say that out loud to enjoy the pun).

This is Musk's second attempt at his potential musical career. Moving away from rap, Musk has decided to delve into the world of EDM this time.


When Musk is in a good mood

His new song must mean that Musk is in high-flying spirits. With Tesla's Model Y SUV coming earlier than expected, and his stock soaring as high as SpaceX's upcoming launch of astronauts into Space, it's no surprise Musk decided to share his undoubtedly upbeat "vibe" with the world.

Ahead of the song's release, Musk teased his followers on Twitter with tidbits of information. The music-maker even changed his Twitter name to E "D" M as a, rather obvious, hint (we see what you did there, Musk), and shared photos of him in a recording studio.

Vibbbe pic.twitter.com/21WKNOnMXZ

— E “D” M (@elonmusk) January 31, 2020

According to Musk's Tweets, he wrote the song and the lyrics himself. Upon listening to it you'll gather the lyrics aren't intensely profound, but the beat is fun to move to. It's up to you what you make of it, regardless, it's an entertaining and cheerful way to enter the weekend and you can't help but smile at Musk's enthusiasm.

Don’t Doubt ur Vibehttps://t.co/5FJNJXUxW0

— E “D” M (@elonmusk) January 31, 2020

I wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!

— E “D” M (@elonmusk) January 31, 2020

Watch the video: Elon Musk - Dont Doubt Ur Vibe Netsky Bootleg (July 2022).


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