New York Leads World's Most Innovative Cities

New York Leads World's Most Innovative Cities

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Businesses and start-ups around the world are creating innovative business ideas and models, but which cities are best suited for innovation to thrive?

Analytical agency 2thinknow has published its Innovation Cities Index 2019, comparing approximately 500 cities worldwide to find out which ones top that list.

This year, New York topped the list, beating Tokyo and London respectively.


The world's most innovative cities

How do you even go about selecting the top cities for innovation? The Index looks at 162 indicators, which include transport, infrastructure, citizen privacy, green architecture, property pricing, and start-up spaces, among others in order to reach their conclusion.

This year's top 10 cities for innovation include five U.S. ones, with New York as the number one most innovative city.

Other U.S. cities that ranked in the top 10 include Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The latter was in ninth place, moving down a few notches in recent years because of "tech controversies, homelessness, and privacy issues," according to the Index.

Even the home of tech giants Google, Facebook, and Apple couldn't secure a higher spot on the list.

Last year's winner, Tokyo, moved down to second place, and third place was taken up by London.

Chinese cities have moved up the list this year, however, they didn't manage to secure spots in the top 10. Beijing and Shanghai were placed 26th and 33rd respectively.

Most innovative cities. 2019 index. 162 indicators by 2thinknow.

— Nicos Komninos (@KomninosNicos) November 18, 2019

Christopher Hire, director of 2thinknow, said "Our index is designed to measure innovation conditions, and often predicts rising cities before other rankings. It is up to the city whether they can keep on top of the latest trends, and exploit their innovation potential."

The only three European cities to make it to the top 20 on the list were London, Paris, and Berlin (3rd, 6th, and 12th respectively). This is a smaller number than in previous years. The continent that saw the fewest, or lowest ranking, innovative cities was Africa.

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