The DTV Shredder is an all new breed of all-terrain vehicles

The DTV Shredder is an all new breed of all-terrain vehicles

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We don't even know where to begin in describing this? It's almost like a skateboard meets a tank or an off-road Segway meets a jet-ski. Whatever you want to classify it as there is no denying it is pretty badass. And it gets better when you find out that the DTV Shredder from BPG Werks is now available on the market for US$3,999.

The all-terrain vehicle has been limited to 30 mph because according to the company, 'standing up on a vehicle over 30mph is just plain scary'. The 13 hp is produced by the 196 cc, 4-stroke gas engine, featuring a patented dual-CVT drive system that doesn't require gear shifts.

It weighs 200 lbs and can fold up to fit inside a medium-sized truck. It can be ridden all year long on any terrain and it's this along with its portability that adds a great deal of practice when compared to other ATVs.

The user stands in a skateboard stance on a board which is the only moving component (minus the wheel tracks). The handlebars provide stability to the rider who simply leans in the direction they wish to turn. The continuously molded rubber tank treads allow it to travel over all terrains including powdered snow and the sealed carburetor means that it can cross water of up to 25 cm deep.

The vehicle can carry around 136 kg and comes with a 3.8-liter tank that is good for about 48 km (30 miles). The DTV Shredder comes in 3 different colors; black, orange or grey.

Its capabilities are so effective that according to ViceSpy, even the army has paid interest in them and has had militarized versions of the DTV Shredder made for them. Also, the Crown Prince of Dubai ordered two custom vehicles equipped with 40-hp rotary engines that can go as fast as 60 mph.

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